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Not that it matters but most of what follows is true — LiveJournal
Don't mind me, I'm just taking the opportunity to cross post the Pros fic I wrote for the dialj Christmas challenge.  It's in three parts over here:




I thought it would be such a neat idea, to follow 24 hours in the lives of the lads on New Year's Eve and post each part at midnight, midday and midnight again.  Then livejournal went down for days and I cried a little bit inside, because I didn't get to do that, and the whole point of the fic was ruined.  Ruined!  

Anyway, massive thank yous to byslantedlight  for the beta and to murphybabe  for posting the last two parts.  Mwah.  Kisses for you.

And now Christmas and New Year is over.  Hope you all had a good one.  Hello 2013.  Goodbye 2012.   

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Don't worry, you're not seeing things - I have changed my username

I never liked the 74 in my username so I've decided to make a new start with a new name.  It's still me though, I promise, although it does feel a bit weird to see the new name.  Like when you've just had a new haircut and it takes you a split second to recognise yourself in the mirror for the first day or two!

 I have a new email address as well - foreverfoxcat@gmail.com.  I've set my old address so that all emails are forwarded to the new one, and when I reply I'll use the foreverfoxcat email so people will have it in their inbox.  

So hello everyone, nice to meet you.  :D  
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So, a couple of weeks ago when I was sitting in a whole foods cafe with a bunch of Pros-y mates, we all ended up with our notebooks open and our creative juices flowing, writing little fics about the lads.  And while everyone else was writing lovely fics about Bodie and Doyle, sex, flirting, angst and the perks of healthy eating, I was writing this...  don't judge me, I just thought that Christmas Day would be a good day to share it!  


“It's not an exam, you know.” Bodie swallowed the last of his tea and set the empty mug down on the desk. “Just write down the facts. Keep it simple, that's the best way.” He peered across at Doyle, sliding his chair closer so that he could squint down at Doyle's inky scribble. Doyle scowled in response and covered up his writing with his arm, leaning down so that his nose was nearly pressed up against the paper. He glared back at Bodie, shoving Bodie's grasping hand away when he tried to uncover what Doyle had written.

“Will you just piss off for ten minutes, Bodie? I'm trying to concentrate, and I need to have this bloody thing ready in...” he looked at his watch and cursed. “... less than ten minutes. Shit!”

Bodie let out a long sigh and leaned back his chair, his hands clasped behind his head. “Look mate, there's no point getting yourself worked up about it. There's no right or wrong answer.” He reached forward, stroking his hand across Doyle's back. “Do you want any help with it?”

Doyle snorted and continued scribbling. “From you?! Not bloody likely. It needs to be in complete sentences, at least.”

“Oi!” Bodie shoved at Doyle's shoulder, cringing when Doyle's pen immediately shot across the paper, leaving a jagged black line of ink in its wake. Doyle scowled across at him, his left hand balling ominously into a tight, angry fist.

Bodie shoved his chair back and stood up, hovering over the desk for a brief moment. “Alright, alright. I'll leave you to it then. Honestly though, mate, it's not a big deal. Whatever you put will be fine. It'll just get read once and then end up at the bottom of a giant pile of filing anyway. You know what Cowley's like.”

Doyle grunted and looked down at his scrawl, crossing through several lines of text with an angry jerk of his pen.

“It is important Bodie. This isn't just some report I can knock off in five minutes.” He grabbed a fresh piece of paper and scribbled out “Second Draft” across the top, his pen pausing over the white, empty sheet.

“This is our first joint Christmas card to the Cow, and I'm going to get it right if it bloody well kills me!”
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I've just friended a bunch of Pros people, so if you stumble on my journal, I am Pros-y, honestly.  

And if anyone knows any cool Pros-y people I should friend, let me know.  :D  
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eric ernie gif

That is all.  
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Just another cross post. New Pros fic here:



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Don't mind me, I'm just cross posting a new Pros fic, which is up at the Safehouse over here:



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This is just a friendly reminder that in Takeaway, Bodie looks like this:

Guh!Collapse )

Doyle is a very lucky man


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Just a little fic.  It's been aaages since I posted a Pros fic!

Whip in my valiseCollapse )


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Hooray!  I even passed with merit.  One more down, two more to go.  Phew.  I shall now do the dance of joy.

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